About the Author

Stephanie Hewitt

Stephanie Hewitt was born in Sydney, Australia. She grew up always surrounded by lots of pets. Stephanie has always had a big love for animals, especially dogs. Stephanie continues to reside in Sydney with her Husband, two children and two dogs (including Luna).

Stephanie was diagnosed with Epilepsy from a young age of 14 and has always struggled with seizures but eventually Luna the black labradoodle came into her life in 2015 as a seizure detection and anxiety relief companion.

Luna quickly became Stephanie’s best friend and shadow. Stephanie has always enjoyed writing short stories for Children but struggled with the confidence to try and get any of the stories published until some encouragement from her husband changed all of that in 2020.


Most frequent questions and answers

My husband helped me get the confidence to go ahead with trying to get it published. I always wanted to get my books published but was plagued with self doubt until I got some good feedback about my writing.

Honestly I just want them to enjoy reading the stories to their children and for it to bring a smile to the faces of young children.

The books have been taken from bits of my real-life events. Where did Luna go has the character “Luke” is based on my first born son and Luna Loves Biscuits are from bits and pieces of cheeky experiences I’ve had with Luna running away with food.

Greatly. All of my writing is roughly based on stories that have happened to me or things that Luna has done.